The Waleta Group has equal high expertise and many years of experience in the management of commercial property assets, with a wide range of industry sectors including within China and across Australia.

The Waleta Group has been consistently acknowledged for its award winning construction and engineering designs in China. The Waleta Group has also specialised in real estate development in both China and has entered new ventures within Australia.

The Waleta Group has management rights over a number of hotel, commercial and leisure assets in China. Within the Sichuan Province in China, it has successfully developed a number of real estate developments which is better integrating inner city urban living with tranquil environmental surrounds for improved amenity.

Three of the Waleta Group’s diversified assets include in Engineering construction, Real Estate Development and Commercial and Hotels.




The Waleta Group has four primary areas of strategic activity in Australia including:

Acquires, develops and sells residential and commercial property assets in Australia.

Direct equity investment in emerging or evolving business activities including in high-tech industry.

Business advisory, management and consultancy services both for Chinese and Australian clients for opportunities in both markets.

Asset management (residential, commercial and tourism properties).