Originally from Mianyang City, the Waleta Group is similarly dynamic in its approach to seeking to further invest in high tech or emerging or evolving product innovations across a range of industries – from within China and beyond.

Mianyang City in the Sichuan Province China houses some of China’s largest and most dynamic Research and Development (R&D) enterprises and activities. Mianyang City is the only Science and Technology City in China named by the Chinese Government.  The zone has been chosen and established as the third economic pillar in China, to lead the development of China’s interior.

In Australia, the Waleta Group will have a focus on new investment in high tech areas including, but not limiting to, bio-tech and med-tech as well as clean-tech and other significant advanced areas. The Waleta Group will have a particularly strong investment focus in health and medical sectors.

The Waleta Group’s interest is high in early stage venture capital opportunities with Australian businesses to support them to leverage their goods and services into the Chinese consumer market and to be leveraged to sustainably grow.

The Waleta Group has a great reputation for its expert advice networks and as a partner of expertise including in many ASEAN nations as well.




The Waleta Group has four primary areas of strategic activity in Australia including:

Acquires, develops and sells residential and commercial property assets in Australia.

Direct equity investment in emerging or evolving business activities including in high-tech industry.

Business advisory, management and consultancy services both for Chinese and Australian clients for opportunities in both markets.

Asset management (residential, commercial and tourism properties).