The Waleta Group brings a level of expertise, exposure and access to large amounts of equity from the Chinese market that is seeking out potential Australian partners.

Conversely the Waleta Group presents strong commercial opportunities for Australian businesses, through its networks in both ASEAN nations and as well as China. This includes as a specialist in ‘point of entry’ for commercial.

The Waleta Group has high capability to partner in China and the region in areas ranging from construction, manufacturing, high-tech including medical and biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agri-business, mining and the services sector.

The fast growing consumer markets within China’s many dynamic cities are particularly well understood by the Waleta Group, which has directly operated within them for decades.




The Waleta Group has four primary areas of strategic activity in Australia including:

Acquires, develops and sells residential and commercial property assets in Australia.

Direct equity investment in emerging or evolving business activities including in high-tech industry.

Business advisory, management and consultancy services both for Chinese and Australian clients for opportunities in both markets.

Asset management (residential, commercial and tourism properties).