The Waleta Group was founded in Mianyang, the second largest and a rapidly emerging city situated in Sichuan Province in south-west China. The largest city is neighbouring Chengdu. The Waleta Group’s establishment in diversified commercial activity has centred on property (development and construction), in addition to other primary activities such as mining and downstream manufacturing of products and their distribution into markets. The company evolved out of its success in construction activity in the Sichuan Province.

The Waleta Group has experienced years of continuous growth and sound financial performance, achieved in part through its diversity in thinking and approach.

The Waleta Group’s Australian operations are headquartered in Melbourne. Australia represents a significant growth opportunity for the Waleta Group by partnering with local industry and emerging businesses. This includes  the Waleta Group’s focus to work with its Australian business partners to enable access to commercially distribute their products and services into the fast-growing consumer markets within China’s many dynamic cities.

The Waleta Group values a ‘partnership in growth’ with the companies and projects where it invests and plans to build relationships within the local communities where this investment occurs.

The Waleta Group has become an experienced and professional property developer and asset manager in China, with a stated commitment to bring ‘vitality’ to its buildings. The company continues to strive to construct buildings (both commercial and residential) and through their construction help people achieve a great standard of recreational living and work environment within the architectural design.

Waleta (pronounced Wa-le-ta) represents a Chinese company of strength and that its journey progresses only through good work. The Chinese definition of the Waleta Group’s strategic approach is to make the architecture to understand the life better’.




The Waleta Group has four primary areas of strategic activity in Australia including:

Acquires, develops and sells residential and commercial property assets in Australia.

Direct equity investment in emerging or evolving business activities including in high-tech industry.

Business advisory, management and consultancy services both for Chinese and Australian clients for opportunities in both markets.

Asset management (residential, commercial and tourism properties).